A real Christmas tree lit with real candles. Let's hope they don't burn down the tree.

A Flaming Christmas Tale: Burn, Baby, Burn!

by Charlie Burn Introduction Embark on a journey to the late 90s with a Christmas tale that ignited more than just holiday spirit. Join us as I recount a disastrous yuletide, where Christmas traditions took an unexpected turn – involving a real Christmas tree, burning candles, and an unforeseen fire that marked a festive season like no other. A Yuletide

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Red wine glasses clink together in the middle of a Christmas table. The table is laden with turkey and cranberries and decorated with several real candles. Hopefully no first aid will be required today!

Festive First Aid

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Tinsel glitters, bells jingle, fairy lights twinkle. The smell of cinnamon and clove permeates the house. The last thing we want is a Christmas-related injury, yet over 80,000 people in the UK end up in A&E over the Christmas period. We love Christmas here at White Cross Training. So we have specially

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A gloved hand holds a carrot. Imbedded in the top of the carrot is a sparkler. It will soon burn out.

Bonfire Night: Safety for Pets and Children

As the cold weather creeps in, autumn leaves transform into delightful shades of gold, copper, cinnamon and plum. We excitedly await the 5th of November to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night, also known as Bonfire Night. It’s a night of fireworks, blazing bonfires and communities coming together, but amidst the fun, it’s important to remember burn safety, especially for our pets

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A black and white photograph of the death mask used as the inspiration for the first CPR manakin. The teenage girl has her eyes closed. She seems peaceful, as though just asleep.

The Origins of the CPR Resusci Anne Doll

Introduction In 1960, Asmund Laerdal and Dr Peter Safar introduced the first medical simulator for teaching CPR – the Resusci Anne doll. This article delves into the history and significance of this iconic CPR training tool.   Asmund Laerdal and Dr. Peter Safar: Pioneers of CPR Education Asmund Laerdal was a toy maker who in 1955 used CPR to save

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A bowl of brightly coloured gumballs and with more on the table beyond. A choking risk that needs consideration.

Halloween Safety: How To Avoid Hazards Including Choking

What a great time of year to be a child! Costumes, staying up late, being given lots of sweets. What’s not to love? However, as parents, we want to make sure our little ones are safe. Let’s scan the potential dangers and minimise the risk of harm to your child.   Slips, Trips and Falls It could be cold, wet

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