A man at his desk clutches his throat and gasps for air. His other hand still holds the food stuck in his throat: a burger.

Navigating Anti-Choking Devices in First Aid: A Critical Examination

Introduction Choking, the 4th leading cause of accidental death worldwide, prompts an exploration of anti-choking devices in first aid. This article considers their role and effectiveness. Considering the availability of anti-choking suction devices, ought we to have them at home and in the workplace? An Urgent Response Victims of a Foreign Body Airway Obstruction (FBAO) may suffer irreversible brain damage

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A bowl of brightly coloured gumballs and with more on the table beyond. A choking risk that needs consideration.

Halloween Safety: How To Avoid Hazards Including Choking

What a great time of year to be a child! Costumes, staying up late, being given lots of sweets. What’s not to love? However, as parents, we want to make sure our little ones are safe. Let’s scan the potential dangers and minimise the risk of harm to your child.   Slips, Trips and Falls It could be cold, wet

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